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#OrganizewithBee Challenge

Tuesday, December 27 2016

Hello Lovely people!!With the new year approaching fast, I thought it would be a pretty neat idea to start an challenge to get everyone motivated going into 2017! I started this challenge on my facebook business page and I figured it wouldn't hurt to share it on the store blog as well. (If you aren't already following me on FB...... get over there already!) Find me: Avon sold by Bee So this challenge is pretty simple and straightforward; find a space that you've been wanting to organize/clean/redesign- snap a before pic to share. After you've done up your space, share a photo to show how you're space went from EEEEKK! to Chic :)The challenge will run through the entire month of January, there is plenty of time to turn those spaces around! Let's get each other motivated for the New Year!I encourage everyone to join in, you never know there may be prizes involved in this challenge ;)Signing off,Bee

Give it up for the new Avon Rep!!!

Friday, December 16 2016

*Stadium cheering acoustics and chanting* "Brittany, Brittany, Brittany......" Hi guys :)As you can tell from my cheesy title and intro, I am one of new kids on the block with the Avon family and I am excited to start on this journey!! As of right now I have already placed and received my first order; currently in the middle of building an order for campaign 1 (C1). Tag along with me as I learn the ins and outs of the business, review some of the products, and most importantly! Get comfortable with you all and show peeks inside my oh-so unscripted life!More to come!! Signing off, Bee

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